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Small Business And Big Data

Business of any size can now afford data visulation and analytics that  were previously only avaiolvle to the fortune 500.


According to Forbs about 50% of the population works in small business and about 52% of all small business are home based. This means small businesses do not have the expertise or space to inject servers and data analysis workers into their business. However, if you fail to innovate you will lose a distinctive competitive advantage. For example, consider previous tech waves, if you ignored one of these trends…you paid a heavy price to catch your innovating competitors.

90’s – Movement away from mainframe to affordable PC technology

2000 – Moving from PC everything to web based everything

2005 – Embracing social media (Facebook and Twitter)

2015 – Utilizing big data to make better decisions

If the notion of big data analytics turning small companies into big companies is still sounding a bit far-fetched, consider that Google and Yahoo! were once small companies that built their business by understanding their data. Google now dominates search advertising and Yahoo is the leading e-mail service provider in the world. Surely, with the cloud removing the cost barriers to big data analytics, there will be even more small businesses that blossom into industry titans because they have learned how to use information to define their business.

Below Are Few Cloud Based Services That You Can Utilize Today

Watson Analytics cost from free to about $80 per month can be used for all types of data analysis from marketing to sales and HR data. Watson uses a “natural language” tech that helps people answer questions like what drives profitability in my business.

Tranzlogic – Transforms your in-store, ecommerce, and mobile transactions into actionable customer insights that you can use to make smarter decisions and get better results. Qualtrics – Sophisticated research made simple

Qualtrics gathers research data so you can make the best decisions their sites says they use “the most trusted enterprise research platform in the world with over 8,500 brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools using Qualtrics to make the most critical decisions.”

Insight Squared –Mine data from your ERP software from about $65 per month

Power BI – Possibly already included in your Office 365 subscription, this is used to visualize data similar to old school Crystal Reports.

Google Analytics – Free offing from Google that allows you to analyze your website traffic.

Benefits Of Big Data From

Big Data is Timely – 60% of each workday, knowledge workers spend attempting to find and manage data.

Big Data is Accessible – Half of senior executive’s report that accessing the right data is difficult.

Big Data is Holistic – Information is currently kept in silos within the organization. Marketing data, for example, might be found in web analytics, mobile analytics, social analytics, CRMs, A/B Testing tools, email marketing systems, and more… each with focus on its silo.

Big Data is Trustworthy – 29% of companies measure the monetary cost of poor data quality. Things as simple as monitoring multiple systems for customer contact information updates can save millions of dollars.

Big Data is Relevant – 43% of companies are dissatisfied with their tools ability to filter out irrelevant data. Something as simple as filtering customers from your web analytics can provide a ton of insight into your acquisition efforts.

Big Data is Secure – The average data security breach costs $214 per customer. The secure infrastructures being built by big data hosting and technology partners can save the average company 1.6% of annual revenues.

Big Data is Authoritive – 80% of organizations struggle with multiple versions of the truth depending on the source of their data. By combining multiple, vetted sources, more companies can produce highly accurate intelligence sources.

Big Data is Actionable – Outdated or bad data results in 46% of companies making bad decisions that can cost billions.

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