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SQL Quick Check

If you are an IT director, administrator or manager and one of your core systems is having issues.

You suspect the issue might be related to the database but are not 100% sure.

My SQL Quick Check will find and fix the most common configuration, setup and performance issues.


 I will find and fix the most common configuration, setup and performance issues.  

You should use my service if you are experiencing any of the following.

• Your ERP / CRM / or core application runs slower than usual

• Looking up customers is SLOW

• You are seeing errors in the event logs but are not sure how to fix them

• Memory | Disk | CPU are over utilized all the time

• The application frequently times out causing users to call you

• Database log file growing continuously

• Database backup slow or failing

I see these issues every day and help customers resolve them quickly and easily. Chances are I have seen and fixed your exact issue before and can have your system running quickly the same day.

This service is not subscription, you will not be asked for additional payments.  

You will be invoiced one time for $650 from Bennyhoff Products And Servces LLC

There are no online forms to fill out or surveys or tickets to fill out.

No credit card is necessary, I will invoice your organization.

I am a California Corporation and have been in business since 2013 helping people with database issues.

State Of California Corporation Number 201329710316
Federal Employer ID 46-4089247

If you are interested in my $650 SQL Quik Check please do one of the following.

1. Open the chat window below so we can get started

2. Call me @ 916-303-3627

3. Send me an e-mail [email protected] with the Subject “SQL Q Check”

*Small print the SQL Quick Check, entitles you to maximum of 4 hours of consulting, however this is usually enough to fix most issues. You may purchase more hours if neccessary.