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At the heart of all Bennyhoff Products & Services accelerated Enterprise Solutions for management and growth you’ll find exceptional, custom-designed data collection processes that feature real-time responses from Information Technology systems.

Serving city governments and commercial enterprises, Bennyhoff Products & Services excels in the design and management of integrated systems to achieve an enhanced consumer/user experience, as well as unmatched business intelligence (analytics and reporting), industry compliance and security.

Through forensic analysis, custom database architecture and application design, streamlined reporting systems and data migration, Bennyhoff Products & Services deliver an unparalleled secure platform designed to Maximize Potential through Premium Services resulting in increased analytics of business trends and advance ROI through trusted cloud-based management.

Premium Services

Merging IT & Organizational Processes By Design

Successful IT solutions begin with a comprehensive analysis of business processes and data requirements; the strength of a business’ analytics and reporting capabilities depend on growth-driven software solutions. Our experienced consultants work hand-in-hand with your executives, IT directors and staff to determine business requirements that serve, and are served by, all that information technology is capable of today.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Bennyhoff Products & Services administers and customizes ERP Systems through high-touch, client-focused collaborative efforts Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customize and administer ERP Systems through high-touch, client-focused collaborative efforts with executive leaders and professional staff to leverage and advance existing systems for increased return on investments, analytics, and communications that meet changing market trends.

  • Conduct Data Summit
  • Modernize ERP or CRM Systems
  • Integrate ERP with CRM
  • Monitor and Evaluate Business Intelligence Reports and Data

Incorporating Advanced Technology

The systems, processes and software designed by BPS incorporates the most advanced technology available today Read More
Incorporating Advanced Technology
Incorporate systems, processes and software using the most advanced technology available today with an eye on the pulse of tomorrow’s IT trajectory, ensuring the ability to respond to growth and operational challenges are met with certainty and stability.

  • IT Master Planning
  • Process Improvements
  • IT Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Interim IT management

Software Customization

Total customization of your software needs, including Database Architecture and Business Intelligence. Read More
Software Customization
Enterprise solutions are used to deliver custom software for Database Architecture and Business Intelligence that uniquely drive documentation, implementation, and innovation.

  • Build, Manage, Restructure Information Technology Systems
  • Create Data Reporting Solutions
  • Define Meaningful Measurable Analytics
  • Advance Operational and Organizational Management

SQL Server and Cloud Administration

Audit and cloud administration for SQL Server and Azure Services to ensure quality and cost effectiveness, business alignment, Read More
SQL Server and Cloud Administration
Audit and cloud administration for SQL Server and Azure Services to ensure quality and cost effectiveness, business alignment, and optimal use of cloud technology.

  • SQL Server on premises
  • Azure Audits and Design
  • Office 365 Conversion
  • SharePoint Design
  • Legacy System Upgrades

Power BI and Tableau Reporting

Collecting and utilizing a variety of data instantaneously within an advanced, interactive dashboard Read More
Power BI and TABLEAU Reporting
Collect and utilize a variety of data within an advanced, interactive dashboard that empowers executives, management and sales force with analytical solutions that transform live data into visual insights (where and when you need them), often through drag & drop functionality.

  • Crystal Reports, SAP
  • SQL Server Report Services (SSRS)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Sync Fusion Dashboard Design

Database Architecture

Collaborate with system architects, software architects, design analysts, and others to develop database Read More
Database Architecture
Collaborate with system architects, software architects, design analysts, and others to develop database architectural strategies at the modeling, design and implementation stages to address business or industry requirements.

  • Big Data
  • Column Store Databases
  • Physical and Logical Data Modeling
  • Process Design and Modeling

Initial Strategic Planning and Development

Bennyhoff Products & Services invests heavily in a collaborative approach to platform and software design in conjunction with a comprehensive business systems, policy and procedure, and data analysis. 

Database Management Services

Bennyhoff Products & Services also provide post-implementation, ongoing Database Management Services when in-house expertise is limited, or oversight required.

City Government IT Software and Design

Building comprehensive IT Solutions vital to a city’s regulatory compliance and management, planning and implementation processes for local initiatives that impact today’s needs, as well as define tomorrow’s vision.

Learn more about our work with city governments

“Medlinks Cost Containment reached out to Bennyhoff Products and Solutions with a project in mind to convert a complex and time-consuming spreadsheet into a cloud-based program. Within an 8-week period, they had professionally walked us through a maze of programming scenarios which really assisted in making a better product than we originally intended. The process was clean, affordable, and saved hundreds of hours of work over multiple years. The end result is so good. We are currently planning modifications and developing a marketing plan for external use. Having done other programming jobs in the past including a large one on Salesforce we highly recommend Bennyhoff Products and Services for their savvy and client care from the outset.”

~ Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc

Transform the Power and Security of Data Collection and Utilization

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