Centralized Focus and Solutions Within
Multi-Disciplinary City Governments

City government is ground zero for strategic partnerships, innovation, local management and operations, support for citizens and community service excellence. Effective city governments rely on strong leadership, collaborative work environments and the ability to meet current business needs, as well as the future with innovative planning. Above all, however, it requires allocated resources, from manpower to policy and procedures, and data that can quickly and effectively inform decisions.

Bennyhoff Products & Services has a strong background in public policy for information technology systems and understands regulatory compliance demands, unfunded mandates, and California’s legislative history that affects local municipalities.

Bennyhoff Products & Services has built its legacy on the design and implementation of custom data solutions for large, highly complex Enterprise and City Government clients, expressly noted for innovative platforms that mitigate and encompass the needs of multi-departmental purposes and goals. Designed to be highly intuitive, Bennyhoff Products & Services platforms are easily navigated for city governments in which staffing levels are often fluid.

Customized Software Design for Ultimate IT Utility

Comprehensive Information Technology, including data analytics and reliable, intuitive reporting capabilities, are vital to a city’s management, planning and implementation processes and initiatives that impact today’s needs, as well as define tomorrow’s vision.

Bennyhoff Products & Services designs custom-built SQL Server, cloud-based IT solutions for City Government that include:

  • Information Management Consultation
  • Networking and Server Audits
  • Database Conversions
  • Application Consultation
  • Integration/Interface Assistance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Project Management
  • Analytics and Reporting/BI
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECMS)
  • Strategic Planning and IT Assessments

Transform the Power of Your Data Collection, Management and Utilization for City Government

Building comprehensive IT Solutions vital to a city’s regulatory compliance and management, planning and implementation processes for local initiatives that impact today’s needs, as well as define tomorrow’s vision.